Ross Thompson, MA, LMFT

Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist

Providing Counseling and Neurofeedback Services to the San Antonio Area

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist wanting to work with you to create positive changes in your life. Regardless if the problems you are having are with a spouse/significant other, or just within yourself, I am happy to help explore the issues with you to help create a better awareness and then solutions to create meaningful and lasting changes. I provide a safe and supportive environment that you can open up in without fear of reprisal or criticism, but I will work with you to take control and improve yourself. Read More

I also provide Neurofeedback services to help change underlying brain functions that are causing or influencing the issues you may be having. The underlying causes of issues in your lives may not just be who you hang out with now and the choices you make now, but how your brain has developed and/or been influenced by past events. By modifying unhealthy brainwaves to become healthy, you will find alleviation of symptoms and/or new ways of perceiving in order to create lasting positive changes. Read More>

Making the first call to me may be very challenging, so much so that just the decision to do it can have positive effects.  Once you come in to see me you will find that sharing information about your life and situations with someone new and unfamiliar can have a calming and beneficial effect. I do not have any preconceived judgements that you may get with family or friends. Along with this, any feedback or questions I have can help to probe situations in an exploratory and beneficial way. I strive to provide an environment that allows cooperation among all members, with communication that is both positive and constructive towards resolving your chosen goal(s). This process can also help you develop new ways to deal with problematic situations in the future.

Facilitating Healing and Improvements In:
Sleep Issues
Marital/Pre-Marital Issues
Couples Issues
And Others.


Thank you for coming to my webpage, please call or email me for any additional information. I look forward to meeting you and begin working towards the resolution of the issues which are affecting you and/or your family.