Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Provide Religious Counseling?

I do not provide specific religious counseling. I am open to all beliefs and to helping you work within your belief system in order to benefit you in a way that you approve of. I am of the mindset that as long as what you do does not interfere with the laws of Texas or the United States, you are free to do as you see best.

Do I Accept Insurance for Talk Therapy?

I currently accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance for Talk Therapy only. I will provide a receipt with relevant information for self-filing if applicable.

Does Neurofeedback Work?

Neurofeedback can work. Even though some insurance companies do not like to reimburse for it, there have been numerous studies and meta-analysis (comparing studies vs other treatments) to show that Neurofeedback does indeed help many of those who receive it for a wide variety of symptoms and diagnoses. Though the brain is very diverse, and the body/brain connection makes it more so.  Many times those who do not benefit from Neurofeedback have underlying biological issues that need to be taken care of, such as toxicity, or physical issues within the brain or other parts of the body that can interfere with brain functionality. Neurofeedback is not guaranteed and symptom reduction may not happen, or may only give a certain amount of benefit, such as severe autism to mild autism. In addition to Neurofeedback, understanding the brain changes and making changes in your life to reflect and support the Neurofeedback changes are just as important.

What is the Timing of the Neurofeedback Sessions?

Each session is 50 minutes, with 30 minutes of training. The number of sessions per week ranges between 2 to 3. Due to brain flexibility, research has shown that it takes a minimum of 20 sessions to maintain changes for long periods of time.  At times “booster” sessions may be needed for more severe symptoms. These sessions occur about 6 months to a year later and usually consist of 1 or 2 sessions. Sessions are guided by a pre-session QEEG (please see link above) and changes are processed before and after each session.

Do You Have Any Restrictions on Who You See?

I am trained to work with any mental disorder, but I do not provide talk therapy for children under 18. I DO, however, provide Neurofeedback Therapy to children 4 years old and above.

I also do not work with child custody issues, or any other cases regarding legal matters or interference.

I am not a religious counselor, but am open to helping my clients explore their faith to find ways to improve that are natural to them. This is also a framework I take for all my clients.

If you have a question or concern, please feel free to contact me. I can and have made exceptions in the past and if I feel I could help you, then I always try my hardest to help create positive changes.

When Have I Not Been Successful?

Treatment can be difficult if the client has no real desire to change, or the time to make changes. If I perceive that to be the case, I will discuss it with the client and may refer them to someone else.

As per standard symptom interference, I do not work with women who have borderline personality disorder. A female therapist is highly recommended in those cases.

Neurofeedback for drug additions is also seen to be most beneficial at 5 sessions per week, with good support outside of the therapy. This is difficult for me to accommodate, and as such at this time may not be possible.