Costs of Services

All services (50-60 minutes) are $100.00. I may have payment flexibility available based on situation.

QEEG Assessment – This assessment is encouraged and possibly required before treatment begins for Neurofeedback:
The QEEG includes 1 office visit. If you wish for an explanation and treatments, then an additional office visit can be scheduled.

Payment Options – I accept all credit/debit cards, check ($25.00 charge for returned check) and cash payments.  HSA cards are accepted.
Other payment arrangements may be available if financial need is warranted.

Insurance – I accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance for Talk Therapy only. If you have a different insurance provider, I will provide a receipt for you as Out Of Network to self-file if applicable, though I can not guarantee reimbursement.  Unfortunately, insurance companies do not provide coverage for Neurofeedback. Due to this, I do not accept insurance for Neurofeedback or QEEGs.
Please contact me with any questions >>>