Costs of Services

Talk Therapy (50-60 minutes) is $100.00. – Individual (18 and older), Couple, Family. The first session is considered the intake appointment and is spent with me learning about you and what you are wanting from coming to me.

Neurofeedback/LENS Training Sessions are $100.00 – This training requires consistency in sessions, 10 and 20 sessions packages are offered to help offset this cost. Due to the nature of Neurofeedback and how your brain responds to changes and learns what to do, 20 sessions are required at the start of me seeing you.
10 Session Package: $900.00 ($100.00 off) – 1 free session
20 Session Package: $1700.00 ($300 off) – 3 free sessions.

QEEG Assessment Cost is $600.00, or 1100 for Pre and Post (Both Prepaid) – This assessment is encouraged and possibly required before treatment begins for Neurofeedback:
Each QEEG includes 2 Office Visits (1 for assessment, the 2nd for explanation of results), Equipment Costs, and Report Service.
Estimated time for analysis to be completed is around 5-7 days.

Payment Options – I accept all credit/debit cards, check ($25.00 charge for returned check) and cash payments.  HSA cards are not accepted; however, you will receive an emailed receipt that you can send to your HSA company to get refunded if it’s a valid expense (Individual Therapy only and possibly Neurofeedback).
Other payment arrangements may be available if financial need is warranted.

Insurance – I accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance for Talk Therapy only. If you have a different insurance provider, I will provide a receipt for you as Out Of Network to self-file if applicable, though I can not guarantee reimbursement.  Unfortunately, insurance companies have been slow, or resistant to providing coverage for Neurofeedback. Due to this I do not accept insurance for Neurofeedback or QEEGs. If you wish to attempt to go through your insurance, I will be happy to provide you information that you can present to them to get directly reimbursed.

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