I offer Talk Therapy in 50 minute sessions for couples, families, and individuals (adults only). I do not provide play therapy or Talk Therapy for a child only.

Individual Therapy

Experiences, and what you have learned from them, can cloud your viewpoint and cause negative perceptions. This can result in negative behavior that limits choices from what you think you can do, to what you really can do. I will work with you to gain awareness of the underlying causes of the behaviors/perceptions/thinking that you wish the change. Once awareness has been created, then we will work to creating healthy and lasting changes to promote more positive outcomes. This process will help you learn to adapt and not allow yourself to fall into the same patterns which have been intrusive upon your life so far.

Relationship Therapy

The choices you make can affect not only yourself, but those around you. Through Couples and Family Therapy, I strive to allow you to share your thoughts with each other, while finding and incorporating ways to work with each other mutually, rather than against each other or living copedenently. It takes 2 (or more) for a relationship to work. Because of this, everyone who comes into my office needs to understand that there is a need for change and honesty. I will work individually or together with members of families; however, anything processed in individual sessions may need to be shared at an appropriate time with the other(s). This process may not make problems disappear completely, but it will reduce their significance and will allow all members of the relationship to display more supportive behavior towards each other.